posted on: january 5 2023

2022 was... a year

i proposed to my girlfriend peyton at anime boston's cosplay chess, something that has been in our plans since before 2020. i left my comfort zone and was an asker for anime boston's 18+ dating game for the first time ever, then rocked the house with my improv humor. i performed in the very first masquerade skit i've ever co-written and produced perfectly, although we didn't win anything this time.

i recently celebrated my first year working at my current company as one of their member support specialists. its been so amazing to be a part of a company that cares about its employees. i've had several mental breakdowns with no actual support when i worked at my last job because of the way customers treated me like shit, but now i'm no longer in a job where i have to take phone calls and endure being screamed at like a sub-human.

i improved my skills in coding, and was able to build a personal website that has reached ~16,000 unique hits (!!!!)

i finally have a finished first draft of an original novel that i can pursue traditional publishing with (!!!!!!!!!)

my goals/upcoming shit for 2023? i'm going to work on editing and revising my original novel, then send it out to literary agents. peyton and i are planning to get city hall married! i want to keep exploring beyond my comfort zone too and continue to work on my improv skills for cosplay games. no masquerade plans for 2023, unfortunately. now that all the links on my websites homepage work, i'm now working on coding more pages and making all the sub-links work.

work-wise, i'm hoping to eventually work my way out of the customer support role. i've done customer service for over five years now, and i think it's time to pursue other roles in my current company that are more relevant to what i want in my career. if not, then i'll continue to learn more skills in my current job that can extend to other types of work!

happy new year! hopefully 2023 is a good year!!


this list doesn't necessarily only include stuff that came out only in 2022, but moreso just stuff i've consumed for the first time that year

BOOKS: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin, the Renegades series by Marissa Meyer, The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz, Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao

MOVIES: Everything, Everywhere All At Once, Glass Onion

TV SHOWS: Severance, Succession, Kakegurui, Wednesday, Alice in Borderland S2, Spy x Family

MUSIC: Ride the Cyclone Musical, Back to the Future Musical, Tick, Tick... Boom!, That That by PSY and Suga

VIDEO GAMES: Horizon Zero Dawn, Pokemon Legends Arceus, Pokemon Violet, South Park: Stick of Truth