welcome to ghosting pen....

* hi and welcome to ghosting pen, my own little corner of the internet!

* this is my means of escape from social media and the overwhelming vastness that is the current internet

* it will contain recommendations of media i enjoy, access to helpful resources i frequent, and more things that i love and want to share with the public. i love talking about the things i love, and this is my way of expressing myself and being able to do that

* this website is best viewed on a computer or tablet, and it may not display as well on mobile! my deepest apologies

* i hope you have fun with it! it's currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION, so bear with me as i build this website bit by bit!



  • currently watching: percy jackson
  • currently reading: the hinterland doctrine
  • currently working on: chapter 23 of "will you love me even if i lose"
  • next convention: anime boston


  • make remaining journaling pages
    • beginner's tips
    • how i journal
  • make remaining writing resource pages
    • current writing process
    • nanowrimo survival guide
    • general tips
  • update cosplay goals
  • shrines:
    • undertale / deltarune
    • death note
    • fenris / dragon age 2