* welcome to my cosplay portfolio!

* i love attending conventions and cosplaying at conventions. my friends introduced me to my first anime convention in 2013, and i've been hooked on going to cons ever since. sans the first few pandemic years, i've never spent a year without going to a single convention

* eventually this hobby evolved to performing in cosplay, starting in 2015! anime boston has a huge scene in terms of cosplay stage events, where you can act and perform as the character you're cosplaying as in front of a large audience. it's an absolute blast, and i make sure to apply to perform in these events every year. being in these events eventually extended to outside of anime boston, and i started doing it at other conventions as well

* my first time participating in a masquerade (basically: it's a competitive cosplay contest, where you have the option of competing in craftsmanship or performance; the latter involves making your own skit to perform on stage!) was when i was pulled in last minute for a friend's skit, and my friend won best overall performance at that show. it added a new interest in the cosplaying field for me, and my fiancee and i have started creating masquerade skits of our own

* here, you'll see all the cosplay projects i've done and are currently working on, my performance history, as well as future conventions i'll be attending and my goals with cosplaying. maybe i'll see you around at a con!


miles "tails" prower (sonic boom)
- started in may 2023

things to get/make:
- tails and ears
- wig
- goggles
- cropped aviator jacket