* here is a collection of fanfiction i've written over the years

* if a work's title is colored orange, it's a link that will take you to where the work is currently hosted

will you love me even if i lose?
- started in march 2023
- ~20,000 words (ongoing)
- L/light; canon divergence where they start a fake relationship that starts to become real when light loses his memories
- fandom: death note
garrett hawke vs. the world
- started in november 2022
- currently outlining
- modern AU where garrett hawke has to defeat fenris's seven evil exes a la scott pilgrim
- fandom: dragon age 2
a little flicker on the path
- written in november 2021
- ~56,000 words (posting on ao3 regularly)
- a incident with his miraculous causes adrien agreste to behave like a feral cat
- inspiration playlist
- fandom: miraculous ladybug
stand against fate's design
- written in april 2021
- ~53,000 words (posting on ao3 regularly)
- canon divergence where fenris is still danarius's slave until a lyrium experiment takes him to the fade at the same time hawke gets trapped there
- inspiration playlist
- fandom: dragon age 2
psychedelic rhythm
- written in november 2016
- ~55,000 words
- distant future dystopia where androids rule society, and humans rebel through the power of music, which can destroy them
- fandom: BTS/k-pop