* i've started doing nanowrimo and occasionally camp nanowrimo each year in 2014 but only started winning in 2016. unfortunately i don't have any record of the projects i tried doing prior to 2016

* some of them have been fanfiction, some of them have been original novels

* these are listed in order from newest to oldest!

* feel free to email me if you want to learn more about any of these projects

- nanowrimo 2022
- 50,001 words
- new adult fiction about tumblr roleplay culture
- inspiration playlist
- original project
a little flicker on the path
- nanowrimo 2021
- 56,024 words
- a incident with his miraculous causes adrien agreste to behave like a feral cat
- inspiration playlist
- fandom: miraculous ladybug
stand against fate's design
- camp nanowrimo 2021
- 21,118 words during camp; final w.c.: 53,330
- canon divergence where fenris is still danarius's slave until a lyrium experiment takes him to the fade at the same time hawke gets trapped there
- inspiration playlist
- cover art by auryn
- fandom: dragon age 2
- nanowrimo 2020
- 50,812 words
- a collection of endings i was never able to give to my old roleplay characters
- fandom: k-pop
- nanowrimo 2019
- 0 words during nano, ~26k words written after nano ended
- all citizens are mandated to have neural implants that cast an artificially pleasurable illusion over a crumbling civilization
- inspiration playlist
- original project
the price of passage
- nanowrimo 2018
- 54,091 words
- every year, a lottery chooses one ticket buyer to be bestowed a unique superpower
- original project
it's all just a way out
- nanowrimo 2017
- 50,002 words
- a TTRPG group become otherwise unlikely friends, college setting
- original project
psychedelic rhythm
- nanowrimo 2016
- 55,712 words
- distant future dystopia where androids rule society, and humans rebel through musical instruments
- fandom: BTS/k-pop