* here is a collection of original fiction i've written over the years

* all of them are original novels. while most of them will never be published, they have contributed greatly to my growth as a writer

* feel free to email me if you want to learn more about any of these projects!

- started october 2022
- draft zero: ~50,000 words (currently editing)
- new adult fiction about tumblr roleplay culture
- inspiration playlist
the cascade effect
- started march 2021
- in the outline phase (halted for now)
- to prevent magical girls-turned-monsters from destroying the planet, more magical girls are continuously enlisted by a government-sponsored institution to uphold the cycle of killing said monsters and becoming them and getting killed.
- started november 2019 (abandoned)
- ~26,000 words written
- all citizens are mandated to have neural implants that cast an artificially pleasurable illusion over a crumbling civilization
- inspiration playlist
the price of passage
- started november 2018 (abandoned)
- ~54,000 words written
- every year, there is a lottery that anyone can buy any amount of tickets for. the winner is bestowed a unique superpower of their own and has the opportunity to use it for good or evil
it's all just a way out
- started november 2017 (abandoned)
- ~50,000 words written
- college setting where a TTRPG group become otherwise unlikely friends