• WEBSITE LAYOUT BUILDER - i used this layout builder as a base for the final code of this website!
  • 88x31 BUTTON MAKER - i used this to make my website's button!
  • STACK OVERFLOW - great community-based resource for coding troubleshooting. most likely a question you have will already be answered there!
  • W3SCHOOLS HOW-TO - another coding resource that saved my ass. tutorials that show you how to add certain stuff to your site
  • CATBOX - for large file hosting; great for mp3 files so you don't use up your neocities storage!
  • DAFONT - database of many free fonts to use! i got the pixel operator font from here.
  • VISUAL STUDIO CODE - free code editor
  • CBOX - a free chatbox you can embed on your website



  • LIFEAT - website that provides virtual workspaces with ambient noise, tons of video backgrounds, and a pomodoro timer!
  • NOTION - project management software that is very versatile (free templates available!)
  • HABITICA - website that helps you build habits by gamifying it into an RPG-based system
  • F.LUX - software that makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day; makes it easier on your eyes


  • DABBLE WRITER - the writing software i use! cloud-based writing software that's similar to scrivener but syncs across all devices. subscription-based, but has a free trial and regularly updates with new features.
  • NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH - the official nanowrimo website; it also lets you make non-nanowrimo writing projects where you can set your own word count goals!
  • AGENTQUERY - the internet's largest free database of literary agents
  • BOOKBUB - website that alerts you of deals on books in your wishlist and sends email recommendations of books in your preferred genres!
  • STORY MAGIC ACADEMY - a creative writing course i took; it's helped the most with my novels, much more than the creative writing courses i took in college. not free, tuition is $997 for lifetime course access. go-at-your-own-pace.
  • THE WRITER'S QUICK LIST - a community-based resource list for writers full of software recommendations, writing tools, and more


  • THE UNCLE WHO WORKS FOR NINTENDO - meet your best friend's uncle, who really works for nintendo (HORROR)
  • MY FATHER'S LONG, LONG LEGS - a woman tells you about her family, and her father's long, long legs. (HORROR)
  • KYLE IS FAMOUS - make decisions for kyle that will affect every part of his day.
  • IB - a young girl named ib visits an art gallery with her parents. (HORROR)
  • THE WITCH'S HOUSE - the young viola visits a mysterious house in the woods. (HORROR)
  • MAD FATHER - aya drevis is a young girl living in an isolated mansion in northern germany, and she knows her father's secret. (HORROR)


  • BUDGET BYTES - website with great budget-friendly recipes
  • EARTHBOUND GUIDE - a free PDF of the official earthbound strategy guide that came with the game when it first released in the US!
  • MY LIFE ALL IN ONE PLACE - free printable templates to make your own planners and notebooks
  • DEAR DICERY - a dice-based tool that offers a random journaling prompt when the die is cast
  • COSPLAY POSING TIPS - a collection of photos demonstrating excellent ways to improve your poses for cosplay photoshoots
  • FIRE ALPACA - free art software; i used this before i got procreate