* this is probably my more atypical hyperfixation

* i absolutely love stationery. i love using good pens and good paper. i love having a good cover to protect said good paper

* most of the stationery i love using comes from japan! japan takes its stationery really seriously, and as a result, they've designed and created such high-quality stuff! it's all such a tactile joy to use, and i love experimenting with different brands

* with the rise of digital planners and productivity apps being used, i'd love to encourage more people to try using stationery, whether it's for taking notes, keeping a planner, drawing, journaling, and more! the sky's the limit

* if a specific item is marked with (*), that means it's part of my current everyday use

* credits for these pics go to jetpens and the product's respective brands


hobonichi plain notebook
midori grid notebook
kokuyo smart binder
stalogy editor's notebook

traveler's notebook (*)
nanami cafe note
kokuyo campus notebook
more to come


hobonichi techo
hobonichi weeks (*)
kokuyo jibun techo
traveler's notebook planners (*)


pentel fude touch brush pen
pilot hi-tec-c coleto multipen (*)
kaweco sport fountain pen
uni kuru toga pencil (*)

pilot metropolitan fountain pen
zebra mildliner highlighters
posca paint pens
pilot precise v5 RT pens

tombow dual brush pens
TWSBI ECO fountain pen (*)
more to come
more to come


appleminte's constellation bag (*)
doughtnut macaroon bag
ebags pro slim bag
jansport right pack (*)

kamio paco-tray case (*)
lihit lab book style case
delde slide pen case
more to come


book darts
midori chiratto index tabs
c. ching rubber date stamp
versamagic dew drop ink pad

hakoake 2-way scissors
midori multi-ruler
raymay pencut scissors
TRC brass clip

TRC pencil board
tombow mono correction tape
tombow mono adhesive tape
more to come